Village of Addison, New York - WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT
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The Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab Job

Is Under way


Work at the Colwell Street Lift Station has begun

Jim Mosher, (THE BOSS) is right in the middle

of it all


Temporary pumps are in place while the old lift station

pumps are shut down and taken offline



The temporary connection is made while the old lift station

is removed and the new lift station is installed


Out with the old, as Ed Howlett, Chief wastewater treatment plant operator looks on


In with the new, as the work continues


Almost done, last step will be to upgrade the electric



The new CAT diesel (125 kw) backup generator has been

installed at the wastewater treatment plant

(It's about time we had one)


Some electrical upgrades are being made at the plant


More electrical upgrades at the plant


The outside work has begun at the plant.  Parts and

equipment are being brought in


A temporary tank is placed on site to pump sludge into

that will later be hauled away


The trickling filter makes several hundred revolutions each

day and is a very important step of the sewage treatment process.  It was rehabbed several years ago


The Village of Addison was awarded a $400,000 grant

from the Office for Small Cities


The remainder of the money, 2.5 million dollars, will come in

 the form of a low interest loan from USDA


Wastewater Treatment plant operator Ed Howlett and DPW superintendent Jim Mosher check out the operation of the secondary clarifier at the plant.



Greg Cummings, Larson Design Group Engineer, explains some of the new system improvements at the plant.



Wastewater Treatment Plant operator, Ed Howlett, is explaining some of the new computerized electronic equipment that has been installed at the plant. 
























Three new influent pumps and motors in the basement at the Wastewater Treatment Plant have been installed.